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Bryan Doreian

President, Wysebridge Patent Bar Review, Research

Hi, I'm Bryan Doreian, the President of Wysebridge Patent Bar Review

Bryan Doreian's Bio:

Bryan Doreian is the President and founder of Wysebridge Patent Bar Review, an novel company that teaches individuals how pass the Patent Bar Exam efficiently. Wysebridge Patent Bar Review is entirely online, with resources and materials presented in a way that anyone can understand, and provides the means to quickly and efficiently develop the skills to pass. Bryan Doreian has a background in many areas of research including Chemistry, Chemical Engineering.  He also has a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biophysics. He has not only developed analytical skills allowing him to process and summarize information and data, but also how to quickly and efficiently find solutions to problems.Bryan Doreian has experience in multiple sectors, providing him with a unique perspective into the field of patents and intellectual property. He has been involved in drug development, process design and control for a major manufacturer, biomedical academic research, and is working on quantitative reforms for the healthcare industry.  Just as well, Bryan Doreian is the Strategic Advisor and Insurance Broker for the The Trinicore Company. He has contributed immensely to this already growing business by establishing a personal relationship with his clients. By fostering friendships that extend outside the confines of the cubicle, he helped build Trinicore Company as an enterprise men and women can truly trust. Bryan has consistently crafted flawless strategies for his clients, the most notable of which being a national health initiative that saved billions of dollars for his clients. Technology specialties:*Project management, Business development, Social networks, Tutoring, Networking*Electrophysiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Data analysis, *Research and Development, Patent Law

Bryan Doreian's Experience:

  • Broker and Strategic Advisor at The TriniCore Company

    Bryan Doreian passed the Pennsylvania Insurance License Exam, and became a registered Life and Health Insurance broker with the Trinicore Company. At the Trinicore Company, Bryan Doreian: •Is accountable for development and implementation of benefit strategies for each client •Develops and executes engaging, creative and mutually beneficial account initiatives to further develop relationship with clients •Is responsible for on-going account management of client relationships •Passed the Registered Health Underwriter Course (RHU)

  • President and CEO at The Wysebridge Company, LLC

    Bryan Doreian is the President and founder of Wysebridge Patent Bar Review, an inventive startup designed to help individuals pass the Patent Bar Exam efficiently. This is achieved by providing online resources and materials in a way that anyone can understand, and the means to quickly and efficiently develop the skills to pass. Wysebridge is a unique, online company offering dynamic and encompassing resources to individuals studying for the Patent Bar Exam. The company utilizes web based study materials in the form of content summaries, customizable testing resources, immediate personal support and feedback, and providing online forums to foster peer-peer discussions.

  • Executive Assistant to the President at The TriniCore Company

    Bryan Doreian worked as the Executive Assistant to the President for 6 months at the TriniCore Company. During this time, Bryan: • Improved office efficiency by studying, evaluating, and re-designing daily processes and implementing changes. • Worked with the President to assess companies’ needs and recommend group insurance plans. • Passed the Pennsylvania Life & Health License Exam

  • Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Case Western Reserve University, Department of Dermatology

    Bryan Doreian spent two years of research in Dermatology at Case Western Reserve University. During this time, he investigated the generation of a hyper-inflammatory phenotype of macrophages generated through activation of PPAR-gamma receptors. Bryan Doreian also studied delayed and chronic wound healing conditions, formulating the development of new anti-inflammatories and therapies. During this time, Bryan Doreian also developed a diverse skillset in the development of animal models of human diseases including chronic epidermal/dermal wounds and lung inflammation, small animal surgery, tissue culturing, and multi-variant experiment design.

  • Research Engineer, Product Development at Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA

    Responsible for improving quality control of polystyrene product import/export, as well as individual expanded polystyrene foam building forms (ICF's) production. Established and implemented a novel production protocol optimizing production efficacy of ICF's. Created a standardized training and product testing protocol for employees.

  • Drug Discovery Intern at Elan Pharmaceuticals

    Developed a novel assay to quantitatively analyze and optimize suspension of small (

  • Research Intern at NanoSystems LLC

    Responsible for acquisition and maintenance of the chemical inventory. Experience included acquisition of protocols, MSDS's, documentation of acquisition records, daily inspection of laboratory equipment. Conducted preliminary and investigatory experiments on drug suspensions.

Bryan Doreian's Education:

  • Case Western Reserve University

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Geneva College

    Bachelor of Science (BS)
    Concentration: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering

Bryan Doreian's Interests & Activities:

Research, Patents, IP, Marketing, Bio-Medical Research, Science, Running, Writing Music, Cooking, Rock-Climbing, Art and Design,

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